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A curated selection of antiques and curiosities awaits you in our shop in Glemmingbro!

Who are we

Welcome to our shop “RED HAWK” which is filled with carefully selected antique, vintage and retro curiosities. We only sell high quality items which fulfill our golden role – we must enjoy owning them – and we hope that you will have the experience with the purchases that you make here!

Eliane is interested in interior design and decoration and is responsible for furniture, ceramics, textiles and glass. Barry is more into mechanical things and chooses the nautical, vehicle, instrument and mechanical items. We also act as a gallery for local artists and usually have two of them exhibiting at the same time.

We are located halfway between the famous Olof Viktors bakery and the village of Ingelstorp. If you type in “Österlenvägen 193, Glemmingebro” in Google Maps, you will easily find us.

We are normally open 11.00-17.00 during the holiday season but please check our opening hours on Google Maps for up-to-date information.

We are always looking for new stock so if you have some old curiosity which you want to sell then please bring along – if we like it then we will probably be interested in buying it.

Please pop in when you are in the neighbourhood. We look forward to meeting you!  Eliane and Barry

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Where are we


Österlenvägen 193
271 75 Glemmingebro, Sweden

Opening hours:

Mon-Sun: 11 am – 5 pm


+46 72 866 50 11

Your RV Parking Spot in Ingelstorp

We have parking space for 4 RV’s. Included in the fee is all the water you need to fill your water tank.
And as our client, you can empty your grey water tank here as well.

Price: 100 SEK/day or 10 EUR/day